The aim of the Homeschool Lunch Program which is done in collaboration with The Department of Education, Kiwanis’s Buy a Kid Breakfast Program and Feed our Future is to provide a hot meal or supermarket voucher to the students that were receiving a Breakfast from Kiwanis or a lunch from Feed our Future and also to their siblings, and other students that the school principals and counselors have identified are in need or at risk during the school closure. As you can imagine this list is ever changing, but the program’s goal was to not say no to any child that the school felt needed to be fed.

Currently the Homeschool Lunch Program is supporting over 445 students from 13 of the Government schools (namely East End Primary School, Edna M. Moyle Primary School, George Town Primary School, John Gray High School, Lighthouse School, Prospect Primary School, Bodden Town Primary School, Clifton Hunter High School, CI Further Education Centre, Red Bay Primary School, Savannah Primary School, Sir John a Cumber Primary School and Layman E. Scott Sr. High School in Cayman Brac).

For the first month of the school closure, daily lunches were prepared and delivered to student homes courtesy of teams comprising DES staff, principals, teachers, school canteen staff, school bus drivers and other civilian volunteers. Currently only some students receive cooked meals with the majority receiving food vouchers for redemption at supermarkets.

If you are able to make a donation towards the Homeschool Lunch Program, please contact Kiwanis directly at or 916-8664.

Together we will get through this. #inthistogetherky